Shareholders’ Rights

Convening of a General Meeting

Shareholder(s) holding not less than one-tenth of the Company’s paid up capital may submit a written requisition to the Board or the Company Secretary to require a general meeting to be called by the Board for the transaction of any business specified in such requisition.

The requisition must state the purpose of the meeting and be signed by the requisitionists and deposited at the registered office of the Company and may consist of several documents in like form each signed by one or more requisitionists.

If the Directors do not within twenty-one days from the date of the deposit of the requisition proceed duly to convene a meeting, the requisitionists, or any of them representing more than one half of the total voting rights of all of them, may themselves convene a meeting, but any meeting so convened shall not be held after the expiration of three months from the said date.

Proposing a person for election as a Director at a general meeting

Pursuant to Article 85 of the Company’s Articles of Association, if a shareholder of the Company wishes to propose a person other than a retiring Director of the Company for election as a Director of the Company at a general meeting, he/she should lodge a written notice of nomination at the head office or at the Registration Office together with other required documents and information within the period commencing on the day after the dispatch of the notice of the meeting and end no later than seven days prior to the date of such general meeting (or such other period as may be determined and announced by the Directors of the Company from time to time).

Procedures by which enquiries may be put to the Board

Shareholders may at any time send their enquiries and concerns to the Board in writing through our investor relations team whose contact details are as follows: