First Capital Asset Management Limited

Incorporated in Hong Kong in October 2014, First Capital Asset Management Limited is a CFCG member. It holds an SFC Type 1 (Dealing in securities), Type 4 (Advising on securities), and Type 9 (Asset management) professional licenses. It is also a member of the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong.

First Capital Asset Management is committed to improving its product portfolio and services, and its investment covers the Greater China areas, providing comprehensive wealth management and investment services to clients. It customizes programs for them and helps them accurately grasp the pulse of the information-intensive market and seize investment opportunities to increase wealth.

The diversified products and services offered by First Capital Asset Management include:

(1) Discretionary investment management services

After an investor entrusts his assets (which may include cash, stocks, and bonds) to the company, First Capital Asset Management Limited will invest them in accordance with the terms agreed upon between the two parties.


First Capital Asset Management provides clients with a variety of authorized funds, including bond funds, equity funds, money market funds, exchange-traded funds, as well as other types of products, including private equity funds, mutual funds, futures funds, hedge funds, and money market funds. After a client opens an account, First Capital Asset Management will on customers’ behalf, subscribe, purchase and redeem the investment products.


First Capital Asset Management can arrange for a client to issue new funds such as equity funds, bond funds, capital-guaranteed funds, money market funds. Clients may make investment decisions or authorise First Capital Asset Management to make decisions.

(4) private equity m&a funds

First Capital Asset Management seeks companies in the education industry around the world that have the potential to create value and invests in them. Leveraging the resources and advantages of its parent company, it helps the domestic and foreign education enterprises that it has invested in to achieve their development goals in China and around the world. Through a combination of education and finance and promotion, it integrates high-quality educational resources at home and abroad. First Capital Asset Management focuses on investments in various aspects of education sector, including higher education with good brand, K-12 schools, kindergarten education resources, vocational training, online education and international schools.

With the abundant resources available to its core management in the market in China and the wealth of international experience of individual officers, First Capital Asset Management is the Chinese partner for the management of global educational enterprises and private equity funds both domestically and overseas.

For more information about First Capital Asset Management, please feel free to contact First Capital Asset Management representative:

Tel: 852 3166 6888