First Capital Securities Limited

First Capital Securities Limited Incorporated in Hong Kong in July 2015. First Capital Securities is a member of CFCG. In November 2015, it was approved as a registered and licensed securities dealer by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong) (SFC), with a license for dealing in securities (Type 1), while becoming an exchange participant of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In order to strengthen its key businesses continually, in July 2017, First Capital Securities obtained SFC approval to conduct (Type 4) (advice on Securities) regulated activities. First Capital Securities is principally engaged in various types of securities brokerage businesses, including securities brokerage, primary market underwriting and placement, secondary market securities trading and bonds, which are all regulated by SFC. Its business also encompasses providing individual and institutional clients in Hong Kong and mainland China with trading channels for Hong Kong stocks (including warrants and CBBC), trading services of ETFs, bonds, and other financial products, as well as placing and underwriting for common shares, convertible bonds, or bonds issued by companies listed in Hong Kong.

In addition to local market securities trading services, First Capital Securities also provides clients with their choice of markets in a number of countries, aiming to assist them to capture investment opportunities more easily in the fast-changing market.

In addition to providing traditional entrusted telephone trading, the company also has a completely electronic trading platform, enabling clients to trade by selecting the appropriate channel to address their individual needs. In this way, First Capital Securities shows how it values user experience and keeps up with the changing times. Thus it continues striving to enhance technology and optimise the trading system in the hope of providing customers with a comprehensive, secured, and convenient trading platform.

In the future, First Capital Securities will continue to leverage the resources and advantages of its parent company, striving to promote and improve overseas investment and financing channels for Chinese investors and enterprises and assisting foreign investors in participating in China's capital market. The company's core management team has an average finance and securities work experience of more than 15 years. They have a thorough understanding of Hong Kong's financial and China's domestic investment industries, preparing them to keep the company abreast with market trends and work more closely with clients to create a win-win situation.

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