CFCG Culture Hall: Believe the Power of belief ——Outdoor Development Activities in Shenzhen and Hong Kong of CFCG


After the new strategy upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, based on the cultural construction, CFCG has implemented the internal core values of the CFCG culture through the study and research of different topics in the “CFCG Culture Lecture Hall”. In the seventh-stage, the CFCG culture went from "classroom" to the outdoors that created an opportunity for employees to get close to nature, allowing employees to exercise their will, enhance their physique, cultivate their temperament, and fully feel "the power of belief".

With the fresh air, the morning bird songs, and the light of dawn, both staff in Shenzhen and Hong Kong of CFCG carried out outdoor development activities simultaneously. Hong Kong employees chose Lion Rock, and Shenzhen employees chose the beautiful Fair Lake Botanical Garden, one of Shenzhen’s ten scenic spots. Everyone was full of passion, vigor and vitality off to experience the fun of climbing. The staff in Shenzhen walked along the forest path, walked in the negative ion air released by the lush forest, stopping from time to time, taking pictures with each other, full of spirit and interest. During the mountain climbing, our staff went through the palm plant area, bonsai garden, desert plant area, fossil forest area, paleontological museum, etc., they felt the power of plants growth and discovered the purity and beauty of life by learning knowledge on different plants in differnt areas.

Calvino once said that there was only one purpose of time lapse: To stabilize your feelings and thoughts, to mature and to get rid of all the impatience or the occasional changes. CFCG hopes that all busy employees in the company can seize the free time and relax themseleves to feel the gift of nature to humans in curiosity and life enjoying by walking or mountaineering. For many things, if you start with your lazy attitude, then life will definitely teach you to be serious. While when you are serious, you will find that life is not so serious. Life will give you unexpected surprises and rewards. Nature is like this, and so is life and work.

Everyone is walking forward, but few people give simple walking a sense of ritual. In fact, when you give it a serious dignity in any matter, a wisdom will be formed during your execution. The corporate culture of CFCG is to convey such values. We hope help employees to understand "belief, gratitude, tolerance, communication, learning, principles" during the process of walking by emancipating the mind and building a learning team. Through the brave climb of the peak, with strong perseverance, our employees can appreciate the magnificence of the mountains and rivers like the poetry "Reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance", feel the legend and mystery of nature, and find the so-called contradictions, emotions, and difficulties are all dust in the interpersonal relationship.

The eminent Lion Rock with its beautiful mystery represents the Hong Kong spirit of hard work. This spirit has also made great effect on CFCG. As a Hong Kong main board listed company, CFCG has been working hard since its transition in education and financial operation services in 2015. With the original intention of education and belief of "Finance empowers education, Education changes fate," and it drives the group to continue to advance, explore and chase the development of education. It is an upward, fearless spirit, and a trait of adherence and concentration. The Group hopes that every CFCG employee can also possess such persistence and dedication to develop and innovate without fear of hardships.

The lofty aspirations are useless in the mountains, while encourage most close to life is useful. You may be sweaty, feel physically tired and even want to give up during the mountaineering, while the mutual encouragement and support in the team can encourage each other to reach the destination. Walking is significant for everyone. It is not just walking, but a life attitude and a spiritual journey. Only by clenching your teeth and turning frustrations into your inner armor will you become stronger. I believe that every CFCG employee will still have a strong heart even when he/she returns to life and work, and calmly deal with the bitterness and joy of life. This is not only a kind of walking wisdom, but a chance to view yourself and awaken your inner force in silence.

The mountain unselfishly accepts every visitor, and uses its calmness, tranquility and breadth to make everyone feel life and enjoy the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In the distance, there are not only beautiful scenery and verses, but also the truest self in your heart. CFCG provides a new and rich display platform for its employees from weekly basketball and badminton campaigns to outdoor group development planning. "Be grateful to CFCG, Be united and struggling" is not only the slogan of CFCG staff, but also the portrayal of their inner heart. The CFCG uses the most primitive and instinctive mountaineering method to lead each CFCG employee to dialogue with their deep soul, and to accumulate positive inner energy following steady development of the group. Then, all CFCG staff can perceive the best of themseleves through mutual help and mutual assistance in the itinerary, teamwork and cohesion improvement.