Rizhao Port Jurong successfully listed in Hong Kong, the stock price was skyrocketed 166.67% on the first day, and First Capital Securities Limited was appointed as the joint global coordinator, joint account manager and joint lead manager


Rizhao Port Jurong Co., Ltd. (“Rizhao Port Jurong”; stock code: 6117. HK), the subsidiary of Rizhao Port(600017.SH)was successfully listed on the main board of HKEx on June 19th, First Capital Securities Limited (“FC Securities”), a subsidiary of First Capital Financial Group Co., Ltd. (“FC Financial Group”) affiliated with China First Capital Group Co., Ltd. (“CFCG” or “Group”; stock code: 1269. HK), which served as the joint global coordinator, joint account manager and joint lead manager in this trading. Ms. Li Minwen, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CFCG and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FC Financial Group, attended the listing ceremony with her investment banking teams.

The successful Hong Kong listing of Rizhao Port Jurong set the stage for a spin-off of port stock, which rose sharply from HKD 1.60 on the first day of trading, reaching HK $5.51 at the highest and closing at HKD 4.00 a day, 166.67% higher than the IPO price of HKD1.50 with a turnover of about HKD163 million.

Mr. Cai Zhongtang, the Chairman of Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd., said that the listing of Rizhao Port Jurong in Hong Kong was an important measure for Rizhao Port to expand the international capital market and its opening to the outside world, an innovative development model and a new practice for improving its comprehensive competitive strength, and also a new milestone for Rizhao Port to move towards high-quality development, fully reflecting the confidence and determination of Rizhao Port to accelerate the construction of a world-class oceanic port. As a young port with the birth and growth of China's reform and opening up, Rizhao Port has been adhering to the concept of “honesty, responsibility, practicality and innovation” and has been committed to open cooperation and credit service. He believed that after listing, Rizhao Port Jurong will constantly magnify its own advantages, show greater performance, and return the support and love of investors and all walks of life with more excellent performance.

Rizhao Port Jurong mainly provides comprehensive port-related services such as loading and unloading, berth leasing, port affairs management, storage and logistics agency, covering soybeans, wood chips, tapioca chips and other small plants including corns and wheat.

According to the handling capacity in 2018, Rizhao Port Jurong is the largest port importing cereals and wood chips in China. In 2018, its import handling capacity of soybeans and wood chips (including berth leasing) ranked No.1 in China, and the handling capacity of tapioca chips ranked No.2.

Mr. Zhang Baohua, President and Non-Executive Director of Rizhao Port Jurong mentioned that, thanks to China's strong economic development momentum, constant global trade growth and the enormous opportunities under the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, the demand of soybeans, wood chips and tapioca chips will continue to soar in the future. As the main coastal port in China and the eastern end of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, Rizhao Port is expected to grow into an important hub for international trade and transportation under the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. Leading the international expansion and development of Rizhao Port, and with the current market reputation and experience, superior geographical location, developed intermodal network, advanced port facilities, excellent operation efficiency, stable and high-quality core customers, continuously innovative services and favorable industrial trend, Rizhao Port Jurong is sure to sustain its business and constantly develop it.

In this listing of Rizhao Port Jurong, First Capital Securities escorted it as the joint global coordinator, joint account manager and joint lead manager. This is another major breakthrough in the listing of state-owned enterprise projects supported by First Capital Securities. First Capital Securities makes full use of its unique sales network and high-quality customer resources to actively promote the work of key investors in the listing of Rizhao Port Jurong, discovers the investment matching points from multiple angles, and discusses the best investment strategies deeply, which lays a solid foundation for the successful issuance of the project.

Since 2016, CFCG has actively concentrated on building education and financial service platform. It focuses on education business and features in the financial services, expands business and product lines to give full play to the core competitiveness of education and finance through the integration of resources at home and abroad and its own industrial advantages. In the field of investment service, CFCG hopes to be specialized in education but not limited to education. In recent years, FC Financial Group has successfully provided services for many clients, such as corporate financing, securities issuance, underwriting, investment consulting, asset management and wealth management, which make it prominent in the industry. In 2018, FC Financial Group witnessed the listing of 12 education-related projects and non-educational companies, involving the industries of real estate, high-end manufacturing and clothing. In addition, First Capital Securities ranked twenty-first on Bloomberg’s list of securities dealers by IPO underwriting business in Hong Kong in 2018 in terms of the number of underwritten projects, and ranked thirtieth in terms of the amount of IPO proceeds raised. In this April, First Capital International Finance was approved the qualification of sponsors due to outstanding performance and an excellent sponsoring team. The FC Financial Group will provide more solutions and value-added services for companies seeking for the listing in Hong Kong with new and all-round business.