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CFCG Transforms to Build a Platform Driven by "Education + Finance”

At the end of 2014, CFCG underwent transformation from an enterprise of automotive parts R&D, production and marketing to financial services, with the goal of turning itself into a leading integrated operations platform driven by "education + finance” in the world. It moved to acquire First Capital Fund Management Limited, which had SFC Types 1, 4, and 9 licenses, to enter new service areas, including financial advisory, financial credit, securities brokerage, and investment immigration consultancy services. With its application for an SFC Type 6 license, it is poised to provide high net worth clients and institutional investors with a full range of investment and financing services. On the other hand, as policy reform in China benefits private education, the Group officially entered the business of education investment by acquiring the controlling interests of two schools in China. To further seize the opportunities in the education sector, CFCG’s private equity fund executed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Culture Asset and Equity Exchange, to establish the Cultural Asset Equity Exchange (Education Board) - China’s first education equity trading market and resources integration platform, through which listing, promotion, financing and transfer of listing services are offered. The potential in China’s education market is far greater than in Hong Kong, and with the integration of a full range of financial services and the personal passion about education from Dr. Wilson Sea, Chairman of CFCG, the Group gains a great advantage in becoming a major player in these areas and is well on its way to its goal.