“CFCG” strictly strengthens prevention and control, and meticulously guarantees 100% resumption of work


"Thousands of ways of resumption of work, safety first." With the coming of a new wave of resumption of work, it is not a small challenge that dealing with the resumption of work while preventing the pandemic". “CFCG” has implemented effective measures for hard-core prevention and control of the pandemic and hard-core resumption of work to minimize the impact of the pandemic, and the work has now been fully resumed. As of February 28, it is reported that no confirmed cases, suspected cases, or close contact cases among all employees. From February 10-15, the Group's Shenzhen workplace has implemented online mobile office. During February 17 to 21, it is implemented that the position AB corner being taken turns to work. After the resumption of work is formally approved on February 24, with the combination of online and offline office and peak shift in terms of travel, all employees have been 100% working normally, and the offline resumption rate has reached 60%.

According to the current condition of pandemic prevention and control, and the prevention and control requirements of the Shenzhen Prevention and Control Headquarters, while continuing to adhere to the hard-core prevention and control and ensuring the normal operation of the company's various tasks, there are several measures worth learning.

1. Quickly setting up a special team for pandemic prevention to consolidate organizational guarantees
Quickly establishing a pandemic prevention and control team, and all sectors members will jointly serve as members of the pandemic prevention emergency response team to carry out various matters such as pandemic treatment.

2. Strengthen professional guidance and clarify the implementation of responsibilities
Successively formulating and issuing the “Notice on Extending the Spring Festival Holiday and Doing a Good Job in Epidemic Prevention and Control”, "Guidelines for the Prevention of New Coronavirus Pneumonia," "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Knowledge Handbook", "Implementation Rules for the Prevention of New Coronavirus Pneumonia" , “Mobile Office Work Guidelines”, “Notice on Office Arrangements After Resumption of Work during the Epidemic Period” and other guidance documents, to effectively perform management and control responsibilities, and provided a strong guarantee for winning the battle against pandemic prevention and control.

3. Rapid responding and execution of pandemic prevention actions
(1) The company's procurement of pandemic prevention materials: inventory of the company's various supplies, multi-channel procurement of pandemic prevention emergency supplies, to ensure that key materials such as masks, alcohol, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and thermometers meet the needs, and establish a ledger to calculate costs;
(2) Bottom-line screening of employees’ travelling and relative pandemic prevention information: submitthing various forms and documents in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention headquarters;
(3) Screening and pushing of authoritative information on epidemic prevention: contacting doctors on professional medical platforms for special consultations, irregularly pushing and recommending appropriate prevention and treatment plans, fighting false news, and improving the awareness of pandemic prevention and control of all employees;
(4) Coordination of small groups for epidemic prevention: formulating and implementing detailed schedules, division of labor, and work requirements, implementing training for each group, and supervising each other;
(5) Strengthening pandemic prevention knowledge training: daily online sharing of new coronavirus pandemic prevention knowledge and information feedback.

4. Emergency adjustment of business plans of each business unit
In accordance with the development trend of the pandemic, each business unit optimizes its business plans based on its own situation, makes timely responses and adjustments, and handles business communication with partners to ensure that the company's operations would not be greatly affected.

5. Paying attention to the government's preferential policies for the epidemic and actively declaring subsidies
Sorting out and consulting a series of preferential policies for enterprises to resume work during the pandemic in Shenzhen, including possible preferential subsidy policies such as social security payment, personnel employment, overtime wages, property rent reduction and exemption, and pandemic prevention material subsidies, and actively striving for the rights and interests of pandemic prevention and control for enterprises.

Attach detailed key measures for pandemic prevention after resumption of work:

(1) Fully cooperate with the investigation and strictly implement the registration system for returning to work
Contact the returning employees in advance to organize an investigation on the safety and health of each employee. Strictly require returning personnel to truthfully fill in relevant information on the WeChat mini-program of Shenzhen government affairs platform "Shen I You-Self-Declaration", complete the information registration form of returning personnel, and submit it to relevant units. Starting from February 27, in strict accordance with the requirements of the Futian District New Corona Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command Office, the "Clean Up" system will be used to report personal health trips to personnel returning to Shenzhen.

(2) Key supervision and establishment of a list of key personnel
The company focused on the overall situation of pandemic prevention and control. Employees with an epidemiological history (e.g., travelling history, living history, contacting history with local people in key epidemical areas such as Hubei) within two weeks before returning to work, or contacting confirmed or suspected cases in other areas shall be controlled managed as key personnel. A list of key personnel shall be established, and psychological counseling and humanistic care shall be done regularly. For employees in key epidemical areas, employees who have not returned to Shenzhen are encouraged to work at home. For those who have arrived in Shenzhen from Guangdong Province or outside the province, should be strictly supervised and implemented with a two-week home or centralized isolation with medical observation from the date of arrival in Shenzhen.

(3) The epidemic team continues to investigate daily and implement daily health monitoring of employees
Since the company resumed work on February 24, the epidemic team has carried out prevention and control enforcement in shifts. When employees enter the property building and strictly accept body temperature measurement, members of the epidemic team first check the masks worn by all employees at work to ensure that employees wearing masks, gloves and other protective medical resources correctly throughout the process, and then take temperature measurements and record them in the book, and remind all employees to use “Check in” after disinfecting the hand sanitizer. In addition, a ledger should be established to monitor whether employees have symptoms of acute respiratory infections such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If relevant symptoms are found, they should be immediately isolated in the office isolation area and notified in time.