“Principal Chan Free Tutorial World” Louis Koo, Charmaine Sheh and Other Stars Attended to Support, CFCG Platinum-Sponsored and Made Charitable Donation


On July 5th, the “FCFTW Green Gala Dinner” organized by “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World” was held in B P International, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong; China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG” or the “Group”; stock code: 1269.HK) platinum-sponsored, made charitable donation and was granted with Certificate of Appreciation under name of “CFCG Scholarship”; Miss Chen Yanyan, Director & General Manager of First Capital Asset Management Limited and First Capital Securities Limited, was invited to attend the Party and accept Certificate of Appreciation.

Many Hong Kong movie and TV show stars attended the party to show support, including Lam Ka Tung, Louis Koo, Charmaine Sheh, Yam Tat-wah. Many enterprises and individuals positively participated in the Party as well.

Mr. Lam Ka Tung, A Famous Hong Kong Movie Star, Was Giving A Speech

Principal Chan Hong is passionate about education and believes in the concept of “education without distinction”; in 2009, he quitted his job as Principal of a middle school; in April, 2011, he founded “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”, which is a non-profit charity recognized by Hong Kong Government and provides free one-to-one tutorial services to poor students with not so good learning performances. According to Principal Chan, until now, there are more than 12,000 students and over 9,000 volunteer teachers in the “Tutorial World”. Operation funds of the “Tutorial World” are from two sources: Firstly, donations made by citizens; secondly, donations from funding plans of civil foundations. With continuous donations from different social fields, the “Tutorial World” had arranged pre-school classes, group academic classes, talent courses (musical instrument classes, photography classes, fine art classes and etc.), extracurricular activities (outdoor visits, parent-child workshops, English summer camps) and etc.

Mr. Chan Hong, Founder of “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”, Was Expressing His Gratitude to Enterprises, Groups and Individuals for Their Good Deeds

At the Party, Principal Chan Hong expressed his sincere appreciation to sponsors and donors; he mentioned in his speech that all students can develop through education, regardless of their intelligence, capacity or wealth, the key is “to teach students according to their aptitudes”; the concept of education shall be eliminating inequality; diversified talents shall be trained through basic education so that people with different abilities and characteristics may all have careers; both mortality and skills are important, but skills shall be different futures instead of unified methods and destinations offered in current education; rich students can receive paid tutorial services or even go abroad for higher education, unluckily, poor students do not have such options; it is wrong that countless poor students feel helpless under today’s education system, like poor patients died because hospitals do not rescue them, it is painful and indignant. Principal Chan turned his anger into actions, took the great challenge and worked little by little for ten years. His benevolence and righteousness are touching. Wang Weiyi, President of Organization Committee of the Party, stated that some people think voluntary works are “subtractions” – sacrificing time and energy, in fact, they are “additions” and even “multiplications”.

Mr. Chan Hong, Founder of Principal Chan Free Tutorial World (Left 1) and Mr. Mr. Lam Ka Tung, A Famous Hong Kong Movie Star (Right 1), Were Granting Certificate of Appreciation to CFCG

This time, CFCG not only platinum-sponsored, but also made charitable donation and was granted by the Organizer with Certificate of Appreciation under name of “CFCG Scholarship”. The Scholarship will be used to help poor students in the “Tutorial World”, encourage them to study hard and make bigger progresses.

CFCG stated that, under precondition of normal development of the Group, being grateful to the society, giving back to the society and actively performing social responsibilities are important for the Group to increase its social values and warmly return to the society. Since deeply investing in education, the Group sets “Finance empowers education, Education lights up future” as its mission; wishes to provide all students with equal rights of excellent education through integrating and operating the Group’s resources in education industry, introducing high-quality courses and building team of teachers; especially wishes to change fates for the students with not so good learning performances through education, change their future, inspire their passions for learning and guide them to face life more positively and more optimistically.

In recent years, CFCG had been connecting its social responsibilities, public welfare and education; in 2017, a team from China First Capital International, an affiliated company of the Group, went to Xinhua County, Hunan Province for student assistance trip – donation of funds, bags and other goods. In 2018, Hong Kong Team of CFCG participated in donation and caring for vulnerable children activities. In 2019, the Group implemented many public welfare activities through a school it invested – Xishan School, including “Global Lightening Plan”, which provides a platform and opportunities to learning and studying subjects to education researchers, teaching researchers and excellent graduates with dreams, ambitions and passions for education, enable them start their education careers in advance and bring hopes to students. The Group plans to arrange more public welfare activities in the future, such as book flowing plan and book donation. The Group had won “2018 Charity Award” of the 8th China Charity Festival; First Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd. -- an affiliated company of the Group -- had won “Public Welfare Communication Prize” at the 7th China Charity Festival.

Education it a great cause; it matters millions of families in China and the future development of China. CFCG will continuously pay attention and support the development of education, regard education as a foundation, put its efforts, light millions of candles and create a better future for more children!