CFCG Won the 2019 China Financing Awards, Highlighting the Brand Values of Educational Financial Services


Introduction: At evening of June 21, 2019, the ceremony of 2019 China Financial Market Award was held in Hong Kong. Mr. He Jing, deputy director of Liaison Office of the Central Government in Hong Kong, Mr. Yang Ruixi, deputy commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in HKSAR, Mr. Chen Haolian, deputy general director of Hong Kong Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, Dr. Zhong Weiqiang, deputy general director of Innovation and Technology Bureau,as well as hundreds of outstanding representatives of company executives,financial representatives,and political and business celebrities gather and enjoy the grand event. China First Capital Group Limited ("CFCG" or the “group”, stock code: 1269.HK) won two awards of the "2019 China Financial Market Awards -- Best Brand Value Award and Best Sustainable Development Report Award". Dr. Wang Hui, Chief Financial Officer of the group attended and accepted the awards on behalf of the group.

Picture 1: Dr. Wang Hui (4th from right) receives the "Best Brand Value Award" on behalf of the group

Picture 2: Dr. Wang Hui (1st from right) receives the "Best Sustainable Development Report" award on behalf of the group

As the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Bond Connect continue to mature and improve, and Hong Kong's capital market links with the mainland continuously strengthen, the Hong Kong Exchanges last year implemented the biggest reform of the listing mechanism in nearly 25 years, attracting a large number of mainland enterprises to list in Hong Kong. In 2018, a total of 207 companies went public on the HKEX, ranking first globally in the amount of IPO raised, Hong Kong has reclaimed the top spot in the global IPO market, further highlighting its prominence as an international financial center.

In recent years, with the deepening of education reform and development, private education has experienced a golden period of rapid development. The comprehensive two-child policy and the revision of the law of promoting the people have accelerated the securitization process of private education assets, many mainland education companies have chosen Hong Kong Stocks. In 2018, a large number of mainland education companies went public in Hong Kong. Under the opportunity, CFCG listed in Hong Kong main board dedicated to the investment of education industry operations, with the development features of "education operating and financial services", deeply excavated the demands of educational enterprise customers , and provided them with diversified financial services such as securities trading, underwriting and placement, financial consultant and asset management centering on educational projects.

In 2018, CFCG played an important role in the IPO of educational enterprises and non-educational enterprises in Hong Kong, gradually highlighted the market position of the industry, and further enhanced the brand value of diversified financial services. First Capital Securities has reached a total of 12 IPO underwriting within the year, including 7 IPO educational stocks, and 5 IPO non-educational stocks. As well as successively participated in the listing of Bojun Education, China Xinhua Education, Top Education, 21st century Education, Hope Education, Chunlai Education,Bexcellent Group, Kinergy Corporation, Dafa Land,Sichuan Energy Investment Development, Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument and Shanshan Brand and underwriting of issuing US dollar senior bond for Zhongrui Industrial Group, served as joint global coordinator, joint bookrunner, joint lead manager and other roles. In 2018, FC Financial Group witnessed the listing of 12 education-related projects and non-educational companies, involving the industries of real estate, high-end manufacturing and clothing. In addition, First Capital Securities ranked twenty-first on Bloomberg’s list of securities dealers by IPO underwriting business in Hong Kong in 2018 in terms of the number of underwritten projects, and ranked thirtieth in terms of the amount of IPO proceeds raised.

In addition, CFCG will regard "Elite Education for the General Public, Customer First, Environmental Protection, Safe Operation" as the concept of sustainable development, through a high level of corporate governance and a commitment to environment and society, to reduce the impact of operating process on environment and society, and to create value for the sustainable development of shareholders and clients. Moreover, run the concept of sustainable development through all business segments, so as to realize the sustainable development concept of the group from top to bottom, management, employees and interested parties, and integrate environmental and social responsibilities into work and daily life, and turn environmental, social and governance risks into opportunities.

CFCG's business sustainable development strategy has also been widely recognized and concerned by investors in both domestic and international markets. In recent years, CFCG has been selected as a constituent of Ftse Asia Pacific ex-Japan Index Series, Hang Seng Composite Index Series and Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index Series, as well as MSCI Global Standard Indexes and the MSCI China All Shares Index, which has improved the company's visibility and influence in the capital market and further broadened its investor base.

Dr. Wang Hui said, "We are very grateful to China Financial Market and other professional institutions for awarding 2019 China Financial Market awards -- Best Brand Value Award and Best Sustainable Development Report Award" to CFCG, which is recognition and encouragement for the brand value accumulated by CFCG in recent years. CFCG made "Finance empowers education, Education lights up future" as the mission and will leverage on the whole education industry chain layout and strong resources to improve and expand the financial services business of brand awareness and market influence in the education industry, through the coordinating of financial services business and the education operation business to build distinct high-quality education investment banks. We will also continue to establish and consolidate the leading position of CFCG in the field of educational finance and committed to become an "a globally influential financial services group focusing on education".

Picture 3: Dr. Wang Hui attended and accepted the award on behalf of the group

As is known,2019 China Financial Market Award is high-qualified and co-organized by the high-end financial magazine China Financial Market in Hong Kong capital market with the Listed Companies Council, Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association,Chinese Mergers & Acquisitions Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Asset Management Association of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries,the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators Limited, the Hong Kong Association of Top 100 Listed Companies, and many other authorities.

Picture 4: CFCG Won two Awards of 2019 China Financial Market Awards

The Award was divided into three categories: enterprises, institutions and individuals, which aimed to identify outstanding examples of enterprises in the greater China region and recognize their outstanding performance. In accordance with the principles of fairness and objectivity, the evaluation of China Financial Awards was conducted by expert judges who comprehensively analyze and score the objective data disclosed by all enterprises according to the annual report and public information in 2018, and combined with the on-line voting results to select out the list strictly.

It was the fourth edition of the 2019 China Financial Market Award, which has been widely recognized and praised by all walks of life in Hong Kong by virtue of the fairness of the evaluation mechanism and the authority of the evaluation committee. The Award aimed to improve the brand influence and reputation for outstanding enterprises in the global capital market, deepen the attention and understanding of investors at home and abroad on enterprises, and at the same time promote the in-depth communication between enterprises and investors, show enterprise value and increase visibility.