Xishan School and the British Kingsley School Vote to Become Sister Schools
A Step Forward to Promote International Exchange


Due to resources migration initiated by China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG”, Stock Code: 1269.HK), Xishan School and the British Kingsley School cordially held a “Sister School” signing ceremony in Fujian Xishan School. This was brought forth in order to facilitate further exchange and co-operation between Xishan School and Kingsley School, as well as to leverage the quality educational resources of both schools, to enhance teacher profes-sionalism and to promote greater interactions between students in both schools. Ms. Sun Bo, deputy CEO of CFCG and the chairman of First Capital Education Investment (Shenzhen) Company, Limited, joined by other man-agement personnel, warmly welcomed Peter Last, the principal of the British Kingsley School.

(At the site of signing ceremony)

Ms. Sun Bo, deputy CEO of China CFCG, and chairman of First Capital Edu-cation Investment (Shenzhen) Company, Limited; Mr. Yu Yong, chairman of the board of directors’ office of the Xishan Education Group and director of the Human Resources Department; Mr. Zhao Lei, principal of Fujian Xishan School; Mr. Liu Zaiyuan, principal of Jiangxi Xishan School; Mr. Peter Last, principal of British Kingsley School; Mr. Zhang Yunong, business director of KSI Education Limited; and Ms. Fang Qiufeng, general manager of the Inter-national School Division, along with other management personnel attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Tang Yan, director of the International Education Center, Xishan Education Group and principal of Xishan Vocational and Technical School, presided over the ceremony.

(Ms. Sun Bo's gave welcome speech)

At the ceremony, Ms. Sun Bo expressed a heartfelt welcome to Principal Last and his staff who had travelled a great distance. She also congratulated both the Xishan School and Kingsley School for concluding the agreement to be-come sister schools. She added that the signing of this agreement not only helped to enlighten the teachers and students in Xishan School with an inter-nationalised dimension, this also helped to extend an educational opportunities that connected with the world, along with to promote the unique brand of Xishan School to the global markets, so that potentially more foreign schools and foreign students will reach out to the school. Ms Bo was also convinced that the two sister schools will now join forces and press forward to promote greater educational and teaching development at the two schools and breathe new life into the featured Sino-Anglo education.

(The Principal, Peter delivered a speech)

After the attendees viewed a promotional video of the British Kingsley School, they gained a better general understanding of its operational features and de-velopmental prospects. Principal Last gave a warm greeting to the participants and made it clear that he was particularly impressed by the massive opera-tional scale at the Xishan School, as well as its well-kept and stunning cam-pus, the highly motivated and self-assured attitude shared amongst teachers and students, and the various exhilarating characteristic performances put forth by the teachers and students. It is generally hoped that through the joint efforts of these two sister schools, students will gain access and exposure to quality education, which will contribute to the cultivation of talents endowed with an internationalised worldview.

(The Principal, Zhao Lei and the Principal, Liu Zaiyuan delivered speeches)

Later during the event, Principal Last and his associates watched promotional video of the Fujian Xishan School and Jiangxi Xishan School to learn about both schools’ campuses, operation characteristics, teaching philosophy and overall teaching and learning performance. Principal Zhao of the Fujian Xishan School and Principal Liu of the Jiangxi Xishan School have delivered their re-spective speeches. They sincerely hoped that the two sister schools could es-tablish long-term cooperative partnership, and by means of mutual exchanges, leverage their own unique educational characteristics, while promoting educa-tion and teaching, characteristic innovation, resource sharing, and an ex-change of views among teachers and students in both schools.

(The two parties signed the collaboration agreement and presented approval certificates)

(Group photo for keepsake)

Prior to the conference, Principal Last and his associates, accompanied by Principal Zhao and others watched performances expertly staged by Xishan School’s teachers and students, then proceeded to various teaching depart-ments to learn the campus environment.

(Xishan School performing a characteristic show)

(A tour of cultural installations at the Xishan School Campus)

Now that an affiliation between Xishan School and the British Kingsley School has been established, it has turned a new page in the development of Sino-Anglo education, providing opportunities for extending presence of the Xishan School’s featured teaching and learning. From now on, the two sister schools will share their respective strengths and further facilitate a win-win situation, seeking mutual developmental principles, teaching and learning experience sharing, characteristic school construction, teacher-student exchange activi-ties, and sharing of advantageous resources, in order to further expand the content of cooperation and achieve common progress of in education for both sister schools.

(Principal Peter and his associates, accompanied by teachers and students of Xishan School took photo)

An Overview:

The Kingsley School is subsidiary to the British Wesleyan Public School Union. A" ‘public school’ in the United Kingdom is an independent middle school, spe-cially founded for the aristocracy and the children of the bourgeoisie. Public schools aim to nurture graduates who will enter the most prestigious universi-ties and create political functionaries who will lead the country in the future. The public schools in the United Kingdom are often referred to as the "living fossils” in the educational institutions. The standards set for screening students into public schools are especially harsh, and they are not permitted to accept students for the sake of filling up a quota. Although social status and wealth are the primary considerations for entry into a public schools, children of aver-age intellectual strength from prominent and wealthy families may stand a chance to be refused. Therefore, the scholastic standard of public schools sur-passes those of their normal middle school peers. Most public school gradu-ates can expect to step directly into the "Oxbridge" system (a special portman-teau reserved for Oxford University and Cambridge University).

Wesleyan Public Schools Union - The Wesleyan Public Schools Union, found-ed by the Methodist Church, has maintained a prominent position within the British public education system. The Methodist Trust (MIST) has 14 subsidiary schools (9 trust schools and 5 acquired schools), which include the prestigious Kingswood School, Leys School, Kent College Canterbury, and 3 associated schools and 3 affiliated schools in England and Wales. In addition, MIST has found an international school in Dubai.

- Extracted from Fujian Xishan School, with some minor modifications.