CFCG’s 2016 Annual Report Garners Two Awards at LACP’s 2016 Vision Awards


(Hong Kong, 20 July 2017) – China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG” or the “Group”; stock code: 1269) announced that its 2016 Annual Report has garnered two awards at the 2016 Vision Awards organized by the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (“LACP”). The awards are the Group’s first wins for its annual report, which proved that the Group has been able to communicate corporate information in a clear and innovative manner.

CFCG’s 2016 Annual Report received the following awards at LACP’s 2016 Vision Awards:
• Silver Award: Customer service – Other (education)
• Bronze Award: Finance – Capital market

Mr. Wang Hui, Chief Financial Officer of CFCG, who was responsible for planning and coordinating the production of annual report, said, “It is an honor for the Group that its annual report wins two awards on first entry to the renowned international award. They are such great recognition and encouragement to the production team of the annual report. 2016 was the first complete financial year after the Group transformed its business, marking a major milestone in its development. During the year, we marched in the new direction, saw our business grew rapidly and our business footprint expanded from Mainland China to countries including the UK, the US, Australia and Singapore, etc. that have more abundant quality educational resources. The Group hoped that via this annual report, our stakeholders, partners and the public would be able to see how the Group has transformed. We believe the long-term development of a company depends on its determination to balance and protect the interests of all stakeholders and its commitment to honoring corporate social responsibility. Going forward, the Group will continue to strive for the best and relate information about the corporation via its annual reports thereby maintain solid relationship with investors. “

Organized by LACP and launched in 2001, the LACP Vision Awards is an internationally renowned annual report contest which aims to promote discussions on best practices in the industry as well as showcase with excellently produced annual reports and enterprises with exemplary communication capability. The competition was intense this year with participation of about 1,000 organizations from 25 countries around the world. The judging panel assessed the reports all-round scoring them on eight areas, namely first impression, cover design, letter to shareholders, content presentation, financial statements, creativity, clarity of and convenience of access to information.

Appendix: CFCG 2016 Annual Report
CFCG adopted the theme of “Investing in Education Today for a Better Tomorrow” for its 2016 Annual Report. To highlight its “Education Investment plus Financial Services” dual-engine strategy, CFCG integrated education and finance elements in the design of its annual report. On the cover are images of students running happily and carefree symbolizing the continuous growth and fast advancement of the Group. The use of different colors and heights of the pages in each section resemble a folder. In addition, the Group also used wire binding, rare for annual reports, to give the report the look of a student’s notebook and also a brochure commonly used by financial institutions in presentation.