CFCG won the Outstanding Education Investment Award at "2016 Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies"


With continuous endeavour throughout last year, China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG”; stock code: 1269) preliminarily established the platform of operation, investment and financing in the education sector driven by “Education Investment plus Financial Services”. On 18 April 2017, CFCG won the “Outstanding Education Investment Award” at the “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” event jointly organised by and The award demonstrates the wide recognition of CFCG’s business transformation strategy as the Group comes to occupy a leading position in education investment.

The “First Hong Kong Listed Companies Development Summit Forum and 2016 Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies Award Ceremony” was held in JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong today and attended by the Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR (the “LOCPG”) Ms. Qiu Hong, the Director-General of the Economic Affairs Department of the LOCPG Mr. Sun Xiangyi, the Secretary for Education of HKSAR Mr. Ng Hak Kim and HKSAR Legislative Councillors Mr. Cheung Wah Fung, Mr. Yiu Si Wing and Mr. Chan Chun Ying. Also attending the event were Mr. Alex Shiu, the Managing Director of Investment Banking Division of First Capital International Finance Limited (“FCIF”) of CFCG, and Mr. Douglas Yu, the Managing Director of Capital Market Division of FCIF, who represented the Group to have fruitful exchanges of view with other guests and award recipients.

The “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” was an event jointly organised by and With the aim of drawing up the most authoritative and trustworthy ranking list of Hong Kong public companies, an unbiased selection panel, in collaboration with experienced consultants, performed in-depth and professional analysis based on the principle of “professionalism, objectivity, fairness and accuracy” to select the top 100 public companies traded on the Main Board of HKEx and distinctive listed corporations with steady development. This year’s shortlisted enterprises included China Vanke Co., Ltd., BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited and China BlueChemical Ltd.

In her speech, Ms. Lo Yuk Yee, Chairman of Finet Group Limited said, “Since 2012, we have engaged finance experts and industry representatives in China and Hong Kong in the selection of the Hong Kong Top 100 Listed Companies. Based on the multidimensional and scientific quantitative investment indicators, we shortlist outstanding and representative listed companies to promote the healthy development of Hong Kong’s capital market. Our efforts garnered market recognition as the growth rate of T100 reached 27.3%, outperforming the corresponding 24.22% increase of the Hang Seng Index and 26.75% increase of MSCI.”

An impressive line-up of speakers from the financial sector was also featured in the “First Hong Kong Listed Companies Development Summit Forum”, where guests discussed the prospects of Hong Kong and China economy and the capital market. In the forum, Mr. Liao Qun, the Chief Economist and General Manager of Research Department of CITIC Bank International Limited and Dr. Cui Li, the Council Member of China Chief Economist Forum, Chief Economist, Director of Macro-Economic Research and Managing Director of CCB International Securities gave keynote speeches. In addition, the forum also invited Mr. Tan Yueheng, the Chairman of BOCOM International Holdings Company Limited and the Chairman of Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, Mr. Yim Fung, the Chairman of Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited and the Honorary Life Chairman of Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, Mr. Luo Binhua, the Vice President, Board Secretary and Company Secretary of GF Securities, and Mr. Liao Qun to have a round table discussion on the “Impact of Trump’s New Policy on Hong Kong and China Capital Markets”, while Ms. Li Ting, the CEO of Yunfeng Financial Group, Mr. Zhang Yangyang, the President and CEO of Kuangchi Science, Mr. Wu Biwei, the CEO of Futu Securities, Mr. Li Zhiguo, the Chairman and CEO of Wacai had a heated exchange on the topic of “Hong Kong Capital Market Driven by Innovation”.

In fact, CFCG achieved remarkable performance in education investment last year. In 2016, the Group invested in a number of excellent private education institutes, including Jinan Shijiyinghua Experiment School, Kunming Professional College of Arts, Xishan Schools and Virscend Education Company Limited (stock code: 1565). Furthermore, through its subsidiary First Capital Fund Management Company Limited, CFCG established funds with other companies for investment in Bojun Education, Baishu Education, Meten English and Beijing Experimental Foreign Language School. As a result of its initiatives, the Group’s business presence in China’s education market covers all sections of the industrial chain.

CFCG also accelerated its international development. For example, it has set up branches in the UK, Australia and Singapore, where education resources are abundant, so that it can grasp local investment and cooperation opportunity in a timely manner. Seeking to introduce major overseas renowned education institutes to China, the Group aims to enhance the overall teaching quality. Last year, the Group entered into a collaboration agreement with the prestige Kingswood School in the UK and invested in the GSV Acceleration Fund I,L.P. (“GSV Fund”) and 40% equity interest of Singapore Raffles Music College. At the same time, it explored possibilities and agreed on collaboration with world-famous schools, which included Churchill College Møller Centre of the University of Cambridge, University of West London in the UK and Altschool, a school designed in futuristic style located in the US.

Dr. Wilson Sea, the Chairman and Executive Director of CFCG, believed the winning of the “Outstanding Education Investment Award” in the “Hong Kong Top 100 Listed Companies” event is more than a recognition of CFCG’s development strategy and operational capability, but also an encouragement of the dedication and good work of its staff in the past year. Looking ahead, the Group will speed up towards an internationally celebrated integrated platform of operation, investment and financing in the education sector driven by “Education Investment plus Financial Services”. To this end, the Group will continue to identify quality education projects open for investment and cooperation all over the world. It will also enhance financial services for the education industry and increase resources put in post-investment management, thereby maximising the synergy of its education investment projects in terms of courses, technology, brand, finance and management resources for the purpose of enhancing project value and creating better return to investors.