CFCG (01269) Education + Financing Platform: Tapping High-Quality Cultural and Educational Assets


Education investment and financial services became the cores of China First Capital Group (CFCG, 01269)’s business in 2014 when Chinese economy entered a period of adjustment. CFCG has been focused on investment of education projects and achieved rapid market expansion. The education industry is a sector that yields stable returns of investment and less vulnerable to economic cycles, and China represents huge potential for the development of private education due to its rapid economic growth over the past 30 years. To establish its advantages as a pioneer in this market and seize market opportunities, CFCG requires the synergy with and support from a full range of diversified financial services, including fund, securities, asset management, and corporate finance, for which “full license” for financial services have been acquired by the Group. In addition, the Group has recruited a number of industry experts in these areas. It aims to build a world-class integrated operations platform driven by "education + finance,” by attracting talents, accelerating international market development and diversified financial business, and strengthening post-investment management.