Economic Digest
CFCG (01269) Expansion of the integrated operations platform driven by "education + finance"


Since this year, CFCG has been attracting talents, accelerating international market development, diversifying its financial business and strengthening post-investment management with the aim of building a world-class integrated operations platform driven by "education + finance.” As a constituent of MSCI China Small Cap Index, the Group is focused on the investment throughout the education industry chain and the provision of “full license” financial services. 2016 serves as a milestone of CFCG’s development as it has achieved a rapid market expansion and quite a number of breakthroughs. The increase in education spending and the Amendment to the “Private Education Promotion Law" in China are beneficial to better profitability of the Group. In addition to investing a number of education projects in China, the Group has seen rapid development in the international market. Its three financial service subsidiaries in Hong Kong that have all come into smooth operations, and its efforts to join hands with internationally known education brands and consolidate its advantage as a “full license” financial service provider also help CFCG to march at a full speed toward the goal of becoming an integrated operations platform driven by "education + finance."