First Capital Fund Management Limited

First Capital Fund Management Limited ("First Capital Fund") was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to be registered and incorporated in the People's Republic of China in September 2012, with registered capital of RMB500 million yuan. It is a private M&A fund company focusing on investment in education and finance industries.

First Capital Fund believes in "Investing in Education Today for a Better Tomorrow". Through cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign financial institutions and investment groups, it innovates business model for fund investment. It also invests in the education industry and extend the industry chain while integrating the industry's resources to promote industrial transformation and development.

Focusing on the investment and merger in the education sector, First Capital Fund endeavors to become the leading equity investment funds in China's education industry. It uses financing as a tool to securitise the education industry, and forms its own financial investment characteristics centering on education. In terms of the culture and education industries, First Capital Fund adheres to the philosophy of "value investment", highly respects and appreciates the sentiment of entrepreneurs in the education industry, and provides assistance for the sustainable development of growing companies with potential. It expects to become the most outstanding long-term value discoverer in the field of education at home and overseas and an effective resource integrator across the education industry chain.

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